Space Battles

More progress is being made!

I am actively working on the Battle Engine,a nd how Space battles between players will take place. I do not want to do the Moo2 Approach to Non-Strategic battles, because that is borring. Nor can I afford to do the Strategic battle option either, due to schedule problems and timing for players not located in the same time-zone. This area is where I will be building the most Role-playing style into the game.

Ships will be controlled via Fleets, and Captains. The longer a captain or Fleet Admiral in in place the better they will be at leading. Some specials will be selectable by the players at certain levels of experience. These specials may provide the captain with certain battle benefits, or even technological discoveries.

Battles will be fought via AI, and an advanced battle equation. Simple number advantages will not guarantee a win. The battles will have detailed Battle reports sent to the players that will list out the action in as much detail as the player would like. These reports will be similar to a truncated log of the actual communication that would have taken place across the fleet involved in the battle.
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