What is happening now?

I have hit a roadblock. I had been making tremendous progress towards actually testing a small version of the game with some friends, and in writing up the final code for the communications aspect of the game, i have determined it to be "un-fun".

By restricting the communications to e-mail, it feels very work-like, with static reports and multiple choice questions. To make it more interactive would require a significant web design element, and there are a ton of web-browser based games out there, most of which are not good, or fun. Or I could write a client side application to handle the flow of data, but then this is just a Client/Server game, in addition I don't think i have the artistic ability to make an enjoyable full blown game.

I am setting the project aside for now, and see if I have any epiphanies on how to make this a viable, fun game.
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