I am heading off to the Beautiful Oregon Coast for the 4th of July, so no progress will be made until late next week.


Example Galaxy

Here is an example of the Galaxy report:

This is assuming that you could see the entire galaxy. i know the graphics are crude, but those can be easily changed for better graphics at a later point in time. This galaxy is fully custimizable as the code stands now. The following parameters are easily changed:

Total number of stars
Minimum diustance between stars
Number of Nebulae
Number of Worm Holes
Occurance chance of all the types of systems including Back holes (Right now Red stars are the most prolific)
Size of Galaxy (this setting does not change the size of the graphic, just the distances between edges. Currently the map is a 30 Parsec square.)

Also I have the Homeworld creation code done and Gravity levels, Artifacts, Mineral Richness, and size are all implemented in the code.


Homeworld Woes

Creating the Homeworlds is proving to be a more difficult task than I had invisioned. Keeping track of star type, Homeworld Type, special Homeworld Modifiers, Wormholes, and nearby neighbors is making the code a little more difficult than other functions. I have the selection criteria done, but am currently working on implementing the Race Special Attributes.



No Current Progress

Things are moving, but I have nothing to report today.


Solar Systems Created

I now have Planets orbiting stars, with a basic system report showing planets, types, sizes, and mineral abundance.

So with that I need to create home planets, but for that I need races, so races is my next step. For now I am going to work on just the base Moo2 races, and later (read after Alpha testing) add custom races and planed new options to help enhance the Universe.

Forum setup

Please visit the Forum to comment on news topics, or to discuss other attributes of the game.

Get to the Forum through the link on the right or here:


Galaxy Created

I have succesfully created the galaxy.

Currently containing 50 Stars, Multiple Wormholes, and 1 nebulae (well any number of them, but only 1 cheesy graphic). Each star also has planets (For those that can have planets). I have a basic map already created for the Galaxy and am currently working on the System map to show the planet layout for any given star.

Creation of Developer Blog for Moo2 Remake

I know the title sucks, but so far so does the game. one doesn't exist so far.

I will use this space to keep an update list of what has been done in this project.
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