What is happening

I am actively working on the design portion of this game. I have gone back to the pre-build phase to lay-out exactly what my goals for this game are. I am in the brainstorm phase right now coming up with technologies, planet types, buildings, Race types etc.

I am trying to keep the overall goal of the game to hit the following statement:

"To design a game that is fun and addicting, for few to many players per game, yet keeping time investment requirements from each player to a minimum."

I am trying to build a game engine that addresses many of the problems I see in the Multiplayer games I play. These main problems are:
  • Real-time games - It is difficult to get a lot of players into a game at the same time for hours on end. Differences in schedules, Time Zones etc. make playing large scale strategy games hard to organize.
  • Play-by-email games - These games are easily derailed by a single player slacking on playing their turn and forwarding it on, or can be killed by a player dropping out.
  • Play-by-email games - Slow games have very little interest built up. When playing 2 to 4 turns a month, it is hard to keep a good level of interest in the game.
  • MMOGs - If you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to the game it is hard to keep up with other players who may be dedicating 8 hours a day to playing.
I am re-focusing my effort on the design of a game that will keep people interested and involved, but is not intrusive. The players can do as little as reply to email to keep their race active. I want to also use some Role Playing elements to keep interest and involvement high.

I am working on the details of such a game right now, but would like any suggestions that anyone might have. Please feel free to post in the Comments section if you are so inclined to help with this project.



Galaxy Creation Rebuilt

I have rebuilt the Galaxy Creation Engine, it can now build a random galaxy bassed off of grey-scale images as a template. Thus, allowing larger galaxies to be shaped in spirals, circles, or whatever.

The future plan is to allow the galaxy to be further modified with images, to encourage placement of certain types of stars to be in certain areas. i.e. mineral rich systems would be more likely found in the center of the galaxy, or wherever the image showed.



No Current Title

Since the change from being a remake to being an independant game, i no longer have a title for this project. once I come up with one i will post it.

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