Is this game still progressing?

Short answer, Yes.

Long answer, Not as fast as I would have liked it to be progressing. I have less time to work on it than I originally envisioned.

I have set the version for the Galaxy creation code, and will not be making any more revisions to it going forward until after at least the first beta testing. The current Galaxy uses a parameter/scripting approach to creation of galactic objects, so little to no code revisions will be required to add new or unique galactic objects.

I am playing with the races, and it looks like I am going to take a roleplaying style approach to the creation of races. Instead of picking a race and having it preselected to have certain benifits, you will select a base race type that will set livibility of planet types, and then using a point system you will be able to pick racial modifiers such as faster research, subterrainian, etc.

I am also testing multiple types of e-mail processing techniques to make responding to changes easy for users.

I will continue to update this site as time allows, and updates are significant enough to post.
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